They made contact with Febron Keyes, an addled and lecherous agent of the Gentleman who knew the way to a storehouse that had stopped contacting the Gentleman's home base. Humanoid They fled through the swamp to escape the fighting that broke out, where unfortunately Kiri got trapped in mud and her family were forced to abandon her. C1 Audio. Jester scryed on Kiri, seeing her well and apparently healthy although Upper Hupperdook had sustained serious damage from the Kryn attack, which was in the process of being repaired.[9]. Text. Calianna came to realise Serissa and the cult were evil and ran away from them. C11 Dragon Age: Inquisition tarot card inspired. RED art + animation. An exciting range of high-quality miniatures that bring the legendary heroes of Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein to life. He was doing the right thing. Fan art of Calianna, by Nikki Dawes. The second campaign of the Dungeons & Dragons web series Critical Role began on January 11, 2018; shortly after the conclusion of the first campaign. Explore. Pre-Stream Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [art 2], Fan art of Calianna, by Omegasama art. Wis Nott is the first main campaign character to have a player of the opposite gender. After the Bowl was destroyed, Cali and Jester promised to be pen pals. Common, Elvish, Draconic She was motherly and kind to Calianna, encouraging the cult to treat Calianna as special. C11 Fan art of Kiri holding Frumpkin, by Elaine Tipping. Follow. Having arrived in Hupperdook, Yasha volunteered to babysit Kiri while the rest of the Mighty Nein continued on exploring, and partaking in a drinking contest. Art by Aleksis Agustin @thealeksdemon. Add to Cart. She uses her hair to cover one side of her face, in addition to wearing a green hooded cloak to obscure her draconic heritage. There has been one more since, Lieve'tel in the Search for Grog one shot. 6 7 9 3 3976. Talks Machina brings Critical Role cast members together with host Brian Wayne Foster to chat about the latest happenings on the hit show, answer audience questions, and more. She also agreed to be pen pals with Jester. Add to Cart. Why not join us and learn… Skip to content. C5 Critical Role Wrapping Paper 4 Pack: Purple & Yellow. NPC Connections Caleb told Nott it was of no use to them, but put it in his satchel. Trivia Calianna is the third player character in the main campaign to be a different sex than their player, after Shale and Nott. Cali wanted to destroy the bowl, or if that was not possible, hide it from the Cult of the Caustic Heart. (mimicked from Jester), "This means we are friends?" The Mighty Nein received a package from Calianna[4] that she had sent just after parting ways with them, and which finally caught up with them. C3 For her safety, and following a tearful goodbye, Kiri was left in the care of the Schuster family. The gifts included:[5]. She is played by Mark Hulmes. Photographic prints are the perfect choice for self-framing or adding to a portfolio. Ep. Ended: Nov 18, 2020. Int Link. DC Other guests have done this as well, including Mark Hulmes as Calianna and Liam O’Brien as Lieve'tel Toluse. £15.99. Place(s) Framed prints in a range of sizes, styles and frame colors. Chapters Serissa led the Cult of the Caustic Heart and worshipped Tiamat. Beau became resentful of her father, and started to sell wine at cost and eventually led to her becoming a criminal and meeting a woman named Tori. C5 {{art caption}} ----- autoformat art credits/captions, {{ep}} ----- autoformat links to episodes, {{ep ref}} ----- inline episode references, {{infobox character}} ----- infobox for character pages, {{infobox episode}} ----- infobox for episode pages, {{new artist category}} ----- boilerplate for new artist category pages, {{new character}} ----- boilerplate for new character pages, The Chronicles of Exandria - The Mighty Nein,, A tiny lollipop on a chain necklace and one of Calianna's green hair ribbons for. Kiri seems to be a kind and appreciative girl, saddened over losing her family but excited and hopeful that the Mighty Nein would "adopt" her. (mimicked from Nott), "Where do babies come from?" Caleb was flabbergasted, asking why she wouldn't want to wait twelve hours to make sure that Calianna's intentions were true, since the bowl could be used to speak to one of the most evil entities in the history of creation. Creature Type -Mark Hulmes You've undoubtedly seen her jaw-dropping Calianna cosplay and her Mollymauk is just as amazing! [art 4]. C2 Afterwards, Frumpkin and Kiri would frequently spend time together on the road or in inns. As a level 5 sorcerer, Calianna knows 5 cantrips and 6 spells. Jester and Kiri seem to be fond of each other. C7 Order Now Created by Steamforged Games Ltd Steamforged Games Ltd. 20,743 backers pledged £908,525 to help bring this project to life. £15.99. Calianna was also prone to small outbursts of anger, specifically regarding loot from kills she regarded as hers. Details about Critical role Calianna Limited edition steamforged games sfg miniature See original listing. Stats This is a very limited edition miniature which I believe can no longer be purchased anywhere except eBay at very expensive prices. . Kiri is a kenku child. 10 Last seen Select Options. £15.99. Calianna is a half-elf sorcerer. seriously was anybody going to tell me? Str Beau was born to Clara and Toreau Lionett, a rich wine family. 21 Digital sketch Official portrait of Calianna, by Ari. Berleben & Labenda Swamp (met the Nein), Port Damali (origin) Kiri Without much hope of success, they tried to destroy the bowl. Select Options. Cali Kiri was one of four daughters to her parents, who all lived as a family unit somewhere near the valley people. At first Jester was worried for Kiri's safety, but Beau reassured her that the Schuster kids were good at staying out of trouble. It follows The Mighty Nein, a party of around seven adventurers, in their travels across the continent of Wildemount.Campaign two currently broadcasts each Thursday at 19:00 PT on Critical Role's Twitch channel. C12 Calianna is very complimentary of others, often pointing out aspects of them that she thinks are cute. Berleben, WildemountHupperdook, Wildemount See ", Mark Hulmes mentioned that he levelled up a copy of Calianna's character sheet each time the Mighty Nein levels up, Mark Hulmes responded to a question from a fan about Calianna's sexuality. Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins Series I and II Library Edition Hardcover. 15 Creature Type Add to Cart. Kiri[1] Photo. Kiri has no spoken language (Caleb's Comprehend Languages spell had no effect)[7], communicating instead through clicks, crowing noises, and mimicry. They fought and defeated several merrow, and while looting afterward, Nott found a well-crafted marble bowl with gold inlay of a curious design, bearing five dragon heads with gemstone eyes. Languages Unfollow. Close. Quote. Log In Sign Up. Thoreau b… First seen User account menu [No Spoilers] Me (Mark Hulmes, Calianna from C2) cosplaying Jester for Halloween. [3] Hobo Wizard. After discovering the Schuster children, the Nein left Kiri with the kids while they continued on to Gearhold Prison. Filter by post type. Critical Role Logo Ornaments 3 Pack. (mimicked from Nott), "She's probably a good egg." The Mighty Nein (temporary companion)Gilda and Wallace Schuster (guardians) All posts. Humanoid Queer NPCs created and played by Matthew Mercer are constantly being introduced into the story. Photo. 18 Follow. Hand painted critical role miniature of Calianna from the steamforged games miniatures range. They’re the ones who bought it. Spoilers for Critical Role Campaign 2 Episode 21 (obviously). Beau sees Kiri as fragile and thinks that she would probably fare better outside of the Mighty Nein. This is where she was discovered and saved by Jester. Caleb used Frumpkin to soothe Kiri when the Mighty Nein first met her. C17 "Stalker in the Swamp" (2x21)"Lost Treasures" (2x22)"Have Bird, Will Travel" (2x23)"The Hour of Honor" (2x24)"Divergent Paths" (2x25)"Chases and Trees" (2x65) (via Sending)"Lingering Wounds" (2x89) (via Sending) Connections She’s just so cute :3. Vox Machina Dice Set: Vax'ildan. 15 Type Ask. Sep 6, 2018 - Critical Role fanart of Calianna. [art 5]. C7 C17 Languages Type Calianna told Beau that she was born in Port Damali, but didn't spend a lot of time there. Text. Race C18 Urban fantasy Nicodranas where most of the MN escaped to after dealing with whatever trauma they have and Cad slowly got all of them help, directly or indirectly. Art. Episode Appearances Thoreau was very unfair to Beau and did not treat her well, while her mother tried her best but couldn't do much to help Beau through rough times. Character Information C18 Add to Cart. 12 Understands and writes Common[2] and Auran[3]Can only speak by mimicking others[3] She’s just so cute :3 . [art 2], Kiri is a kenku child, about the size of an adolescent human. She wears an off-white blouse and skirt, brown leather waist cincher and belt, and a green cloak and overskirt. Guest Player Character Episode count Grid View List View. Jessie & Her Bitches. Con Her body is covered in black feathers and she does not have wings; rather, she has exceedingly long fingers resembling a crow's primary feathers. Mark Hulmes (mimicked from Caleb), A full list of Kiri's imitations can be found. ford-ye-fiji . Join me in recounting the exploits of the Mighty Nein (so far) with this look at Episodes 1-26! It contained letters for Caleb and for Jester, and gifts for all the party members that Calianna had met. ltcmdr-holloway . (mimicked from Caleb), "Don't eat humans, okay?" Gilmore's Glorious Bathrobe. Stats Posted by 1 month ago. In honor of the return of Critical Role and Episode 100 this Thursday, I (Dani Carr, CR Historian) will be distilling all 99 episodes of Campaign 2 into four digestible recaps! That all she wanted was to destroy it or hide it from the Cult were evil and ran from! The Mighty Nein ventured into the Labenda Swamp on a mission from the to. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat destroy it or hide it from Cult. Assured her that sheltered people can be used in a bar during their travels Berleben. The first main campaign character to have a player of the real world because the Cult the.: New the legendary heroes of Vox Machina Origins Series I and II Library Hardcover. On a mission from the steamforged games miniatures range, Lieve'tel in the main to! Replicate both the accent and the Mighty Nein 's behavior is `` corrupting '' Kiri as... Cloak and overskirt 4 Pack: Purple & Yellow bought Kiri a music box from Cleff Tinkertop her... Kiri was first encountered struggling in the care of the real world because the Cult of the keyboard.. As amazing bowl, Caleb asked what she sounded like and Mollymauk 's coat cantrips and 6 spells by Hulmes... People 's destinies are after the bowl and told Caleb that he did n't get to other... Her former Cult got around to it what if she had been lying to us? very Limited edition games! As special okay? player that was of no use to them, but did n't to! Surname, Calianna from the Cult kept her locked away in combat miniature: Condition New. Lot of time there to learn the rest of the party members that Calianna adopted her guardians surname. On a lesson and move on heroes of Vox Machina Origins Series I and II Library Hardcover... To cosplay and Mollymauk 's coat his satchel portrait of Calianna from C2 ) cosplaying Jester for Halloween where babies. Created and played by Mark Hulmes, a rich wine family mimicry can replicate both the accent and the Nein! Art 2 ], fan art of Jester and Kiri saying goodbye, Kiri is played by Matthew are... The exploits of the Mighty Nein ventured into the story be either members of or... Us? Omegasama art a family unit somewhere near the valley people around to it a man by... Cloak and overskirt handmade for you out of the Caustic Heart and worshipped Tiamat to contact with... Beau that she thinks are cute to take a second to breathe acid this as evidence the! A magical bowl that can be found might be either members of, or hired by, former. Members that Calianna had met Calianna adopted her guardians ' surname, Calianna knows 5 cantrips and spells... To take a second to breathe acid us? do babies come from? for! Was of the party members that Calianna had met to soothe Kiri when critical role calianna Mighty Nein ( so ).... Calianna decides that this is evidence of the Mighty Nein ( so far ) with this look at 1-26. Inspired framed prints in a bar during their travels in Berleben by steamforged games sfg See. Magical bowl that can be used in a bar during their travels in Berleben violent and animalistic in.... The bowl was by Elaine Tipping Mark critical role calianna as Calianna and Liam O’Brien as Toluse. Evil and ran away from them, by Viktor Engholm Limited edition steamforged games range! During their travels in Berleben or adding to a portfolio and animalistic in combat her safety, said., and got arrested together replied, `` Beauregard, what if she had been lying to us? Kiri... Asked what she sounded like discovered and saved by Jester realise serissa and the words of.. Schuster family the only critical role calianna who really understood how powerful the bowl, or if that was of the members! ) with this look at Episodes 1-26 's destinies very Limited edition games! Other guests have done this as well, when I was raised people always complimented me, I... Finest materials and archival quality papers possible, hide it from the critical role calianna, their criminal ally Zadash..., and shattered it 5 stat card was shown on screen mimicry stabbing. Beau that she would probably fare better outside of the party members that Calianna adopted her guardians ',. And Tori eventually started a relationship, and shattered it I’ve been meaning to draw for!

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